Sunshine, sand, and even more dirty diapers

A Day at the Beach

It’s that time of year…and I’m trying to soak it up as much as I can because before we know it, it is just WAY TOO HOT. ImageImage

Where does the time go?

My mom commented on my last post this week saying that she missed me! Well, I’ve missed blogging, and my mom of course too. So here I come, crawling back. I’ve been brainstorming ways of improving my blog, having regular topics that I cover, and making a schedule for myself that I can keep up with. Unfortunately I haven’t implemented anything yet though. Two crazy girls have been keeping my quite busy lately :)
Over the weekend, Pete had to go into the office for a couple of hours. I sat outside with Elise and Rebecca for awhile and let them explore. They found the hose. An hour of splishy-splashy fun ensued.
The beginning
The middle

She's a good sport

The end

It’s me

Hey everyone. I’m returning from the land of the lost to tell you that Rebecca is FIVE months today…and the girl is on the move! I tried to take a video of it last night. The Bumbo was in the way, and it looks like she’s playing with something dangerous (it’s the base for one of those stacking toys), but here it is: the first attempt, and the second, slightly more successful one. :) Enjoy.


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