Our first trip with the little one was pleasantly smooth. The trip was to Ireland for the wedding of some of our dear friends in Abu Dhabi. After the wedding weekend, we took off for a whirlwind road trip around the country with the newlyweds and some of their friends who flew in from Australia for the wedding.
We really had no idea what to expect taking a newborn on an international trip (and a road trip at that!) but she was AWESOME! Reflecting on our trip, I realize now that this will probably be the easiest trip we take with her. She doesn’t need any entertainment at this age, and her food is easily accessible in Cafe de Momma. The biggest challenge was really just not having established a schedule with her. When we put her in the car at the beginning of the day, we usually expected her to fall asleep since she had just been fed. That is usually how it went, but some days she just wasn’t having it! We were in a caravan (with two other cars) going all around Ireland, so it was a little tricky to keep up at times. Luckily, our friend who planned the trip, provided everyone with maps of the drive for each day (great thinking, huh?!). Here is a slideshow of our trip!